Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1.Our standard rate for Remote Consulting is R684.00 Incl per hour with a minimum fee of R342 Incl for the first block of 30min plus a remote session of R210.90 Incl. In Office Processing charged at ordinary hourly Support Rates of R684.00 per hour incl with the same hourly rate for Onsite time plus Travel Time at R228.00/hr and Mileage at R5.59/km - inclusive

2.All invoices are COD. Consultants are instructed to ensure they receive payment when handing over invoices for bookings made. A cancellation fee equal to one hour, plus travel costs, if any, will be charged for bookings not cancelled within 24 hours of original appointment

3.It is the client’s responsibility to ensure any software supplied is correctly installed by our consultant and to check the accuracy of all calculations and report any concerns within 7 days. Liability is limited to the consulting fees only.

4.The start and end time reflects an approximation of the time your login will occur and not the start and end time of the appointment exactly.

5.Payslip South Africa Pty Ltd will not be held responsible for any losses or damage caused through incorrect set up or installation of our software for whatever reason.

6.It is the client’s responsibility to make proper backups of all data and software prior to installation or consulting undertaken and to ensure their computer has up to date Anti Virus software and is clean of viruses.

7.Software is supplied "as is" with no warranties.

8. Each software program requires minimum hardware and software requirements to be met before installing the programs purchased.

9. Payslip, Classic, PayLite, AgriPay, PayPower (c) are sold under an annual licence fee and the prices quoted are for a 12 month renewable access. If the contract is not renewed, there will be no further access to the programs and data and clients are encouraged to print out all data beforehand.

10. Excel Template Program is sold as a stand alone program that calls Microsoft Excel(R).

11. If the Excel template program is used to generate individual payslips to fraudulently apply for finance, all details of the purchaser will be made public and legal action will be implemented.

12. No refunds are allowed once an activation key has been given for software.

13.Refunds for software are processed after a processing/bank charges fee of R 65 is deducted.

14.Stationery is only refundable If returned at own cost and in a sellable condition in original/unopened packaging.

15. Terms and conditions in respect of system installations are as separately notified in our proposals and quotations that form the basis of our contracts with you.

Customer support for sales, inquiries and technical assistance. Monday to Friday 8am to 4:30pm :: 021 001 7240 :: help@payslip.co.za
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