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This is a collection of software tools for:

  • Individual payslips and history
  • Employment Tax Incentive calculations and history.
  • Labour Law link

Payslip calculator Features:

  1. Caters for weekly wages, fortnightly wages, salaries and executive salaries payslip template.(uses 365 days as the year factor)
  2. UIF, Medical Tax Credits and PAYE calculations are automatic and the latest UIF ceiling and RSA 2020-2021 and 2021/2022 tax years are loaded.
  3. One page print layout that has standard earnings and deductions as well as customisable earnings and deductions 
  4. Leave balances for annual leave, sick leave, other leave can be captured.
  5. Text block for payslip message.
  6. Capture employee details then go to either the Payslip calculator or Employment Tax Incentive calculator and complete the relevant information.
  7. Click on Calculate and then print or save the record to history.
  8. Print the payslip to printer or to file/pdf and then distribute electronically.
  9. View and export history records so that submissions to UIF, SARS etc can be done manually or via spreadsheets.
  10. Compliant to Department of Labour payslip and Employer UIF requirements as well as SARS PAYE calculation rules.
  11. Runs on Apple Macintosh OR Microsoft Windows 10 computer (64 Bit).
  12. Designed for Micro Companies or startups with few staff where a simple payslip is required
  13. Can also be used for Domestic workers.
  14. It is the tools our consultants use to check our Payroll software results or audit calculations.

ETI calculator Features:

  • Save employee details so that it is easier to capture future claims.
  • Capture the earnings and hours and click on Calculate to see the value of the claim.
  • If the input values do not comply with the SARS employee requirements then a message will appear and a value will not be calculated.
  • Save the calculation by clicking on the Save button if you want to keep history.
  • If calculations are saved, the number of claims can be looked up for future claims. The lookup is done automatically by a press of a button.
  •  The number of claims  is important because the number of claims determine what calculation to use. There are three calculation groups:

                  * Cycle 1 for 1 to 12 months

                  * Cycle 2 for 13 to 24 months

                  * Cycle 0 for Covid Relief2020  (There will be an update released by 30 Aug 2021 for the 2021 extended Covid rules. Any orders placed in August will receive a free upgrade)

  •  CoVid Relief calculations are automatically applied - you don't have to do anything other than to calculate for staff over 29 years of age and earned/"deemed to have earned" less than R6500 per month.
  • Import or capture Employees directly in the Employee tab
  • Import or capture ETI History directly in the ETI History tab if you don't want to use the Form each time.
  • Use the ETI History Tab for SARS Easyfile submission records. The fields are setup according to the BRS Spec that is why month is 01, 02, 03 etc
  • One program for all your ETI calculations.
  • If your payroll software calculates ETI you can use the calculator to check these calculations. You don't need to first save employees or history -just type in the fields, click Calculate and see the results.
  • The program checks that the age, income is allowable and works out the 160 hours equivalent earnings if the hours worked amount is less than 160 hours. It even checks the number of claims and allows for the extra 4 claims for CoVid relief.
  • Use the Checklist Tab to make sure you have complied to the Employer requirements.
  • Our Consultants use this tool to check our systems and to audit the outsourcing payroll calculations

Note that this is a payslip/eti tool and not a payroll product. There are no period reporting, UIF declaration extracts, year end audits/accumulations etc.

If you require these functions then please consider PayLite or PayPower or MacPayslip.

Software requirements :

Apple Mac OS 10 or lower or Windows 10 64 bit  (NO Excel needed),

Microsoft Windows .Net installed

The software is unlocked by a purchased software key and can only be used on one computer.

Please allow up to 48 hours to receive an activation code during busy times.

NB - Please note that only one activation code is given per item purchased.

It allows use on one computer only and if you install it  on another computer or Virtual Drive you will need to purchase another license.

CRC Checksum File download verification code:

Once you have paid and downloaded the file, please confirm that it is the original untampered file posted and not intercepted by checking the SHA-256 number is:


To check the file, run windows powershell and type in this command: eg if the file was downloaded to the c:\downloads folder:

Get-FileHash C:\downloads\LabourTools.Zip-Algorithm SHA256

the result should be the same as the code above. 

E&OE excepted 

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Our software understands South Africa's complex changes in tax, labour law, UIF and other legislation

Our software understands South Africa's complex changes in tax, labour law, UIF and other legislation

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